Welcome to the Maya World!

Imagine a world hidden amidst the Central American jungle, full of colors and fragrances of tropical nature, where modern luxury meets ancient traditions, where you can feel the heroic history of great people, where the nature and culture are entwined.

This is the world of Maya, the one of the most prominent and mysterious civilizations of the New World.

We offer you to plunge into the world of adventures and travels, which have no analogues in the tourism industry! To climb one the biggest pyramid in the whole world – La Danta in Guatemala, to take part in real expedition to the places, where seldom set foot a white man, to find ancient temple or city lost in the wild jungles – those adventures are the ones you have dreamed just after watching movies about Indiana Jones!

Only three kilometers from the archeological site Palenque the deluxe boutique hotel is located. It is a recreated palace complex of classic Maya kings, which combines pre-Hispanic style and modern technologies. Boutique Hotel Quinta ChaNabNal was designed for the most discerning travelers and explorers of the ancient Mayan culture, visiting the south-eastern Mexico and Northern Guatemala.

We have a unique experience in tourism, so we deliberately limit the size of our groups to enable you as a participant to immerse and enjoy the world of adventures, which will come into your life as bright impressions that will bring you back here again.