About us

Our team consists of specialists in various fields of science and business from all over world. We have an opportunity to organize exclusive adventures, cognitive travels and expeditions anywhere in Central America – the region, which for a long time has been attracting many explorers and travelers for its mysteries and riddles. 

The main focus is on small groups of 4-6 people, which, besides comfortable and reliable high class transportation, will also receive an escort by scientific experts in the field of archeology, ethnography, epigraphy, history and natural history with a perfect knowledge of seven European languages. 

Among the most visited objects are: hundreds of archeological centers (with pyramids, temples, tombs, palaces, etc.), most of which are known only to a narrow circle of specialists; natural monuments (mountains, volcanoes, canyons, caves, waterfalls, lakes, jungle, dozens of national parks); settlements of modern Indians (chol, tzeltal, tzotzil, lacandon, yucatec, quiche, cakchiquel, kekchi, tojolabal, etc.) with an opportunity to stay there for cultural exchange, familiarity of everyday life, learning crafts, etc. 

We offer a wide range transportation – from jeeps (SUBURBAN, ARMADA, RAM, EXPEDITION), sport motorbikes (HONDA, YAMAHA), horses and canoes to planes (CESSNA, PILATUS), helicopters (BELL, EUROCOPTER) and yachts (PRIVELEGE, SUNSEEKER). Our clients stay in the best hotels, villas and haciendas, which can be found in region. Along with this, we and our partners are pleased to provide you special category hotels and villas with separate helipads. 

Our main advantage over the conventional individual tourism is providing services of the highest level from the first person. Noted scientists and researchers personally arrange travels and escort clients to the places, where ordinary tourist can not get; moreover they do not even represent existence of those places. It's quite important, as recently demanding clients avoid the routes and places which became victims of mass tourism. 

Only with us the term "individual tourism" finds its true meaning. Plunge into the world of ancient civilization, wildlife and unforgettable adventures in the style of Indiana Jones!